[Beyond the Dish]: Landing Scene

[Beyond the Dish]: Landing Scene Scene Hi there! I’m Susy, one of the artists at Raccoopack. I’m also known as the Super Stylistic Support Snail. I help with game assets, mockups, and flashy designs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8GYVv79VnI Landing Scene for Cook to the Beat mobile game on Android and iOS Since there aren’t many tutorials available for […]

[Beyond the Dish]: Song Process

[Beyond the Dish]: Song Process Process Hello, everyone! I’m Josh, Raccoopack’s composer and sound designer. Welcome to the first music blog post, where I’ll be discussing different aspects of the music in Cook to the Beat, including the music theory (presented in an accessible way, of course!), process, structure, and details behind the music, hopefully […]